Training Tips for Bridge to 2030

Here’s some helpful body health advice you can use if you’re training for the ‘Bridge to 2030’ bridge walk.

Restore Function Physiotherapy Team

Restore Function Physiotherapy Team

Restore Function Physiotherapy Team

Restore Function Physiotherapy Team

Training Tips

When your total physical activity or exercise spikes above the average amount you have done over the past 4 weeks you are more likely to be injured. It is important to avoid spikes in your training or physical activity to reduce risk of injury.


  1. Start slowly and gradually. This will depend on how much exercise you have done over the last month.

    1. Start by walking 30minutes 2-3 x a week. The National Physical Activity Guidelines recommend 150-300 minutes of moderate intensity physical activity each week.

    2. If at work you may take the stairs up but the lift down to reduce the stress on your joints and muscles.

    3. You could also start by walking up hills or stairs (like The Kangaroo Point Cliffs in Brisbane)

Before exercise:

  1. Warm up – a gentle 5mins of walking and mobility exercises

  2. It is important to ensure you hydrate with water before exercising and wear sun protective clothing.

  3. If you have experienced muscle cramps when exercising you may benefit from drinking Hydralite prior to exercise

  4. It is also important to exercise in supportive footwear.

After exercise:

  1. It’s also important to re-hydrate after exercise. For example, aim to drink 1.5 x lost body weight i.e. lose 100g -> drink 150ml

  2. Some gentle stretching or foam rolling for 5mins after exercise can be helpful to reduce muscle soreness

  3. Eating a protein + carbohydrate meal within 30minutes may also help muscle recovery

  4. If your muscles are sore you may benefit from ice, massage, foam rolling, trigger pointing and/or active pool recovery but it is important you see a Physiotherapists to be assessed and prescribed an individual program.

  5. Have a rest day between high intensity exercise.


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