Monique’s Story

The neurosurgeon still can't believe that my clinical symptoms didn't match the nature of the scan and I am convinced that's due to Miranda and Fi.

As a parkrun addict, occasional triathlete and former netballer, I had a very active pregnancy, with swimming, yoga, gym, pilates and a scaled back running program included every week, plus my general HPE Teacher daily movement.

At 32 weeks, I thought I had some mild sciatica from sitting in meetings for too long. My body quickly informed me that this was not mild sciatica and, after a sleepless night of intense back pain and crazy left leg spasms, my husband secured me an appointment with Miranda as we couldn’t get into our normal Physio. At this point, I couldn’t sit, stand or lie comfortably so the car trip was hell and I ‘walked’ into Restore Function a crying mess.

Within 10 minutes of being on Miranda’s table, the pain was reduced and I definitely fell asleep when she put the Tens machine on me! Her skills saw me get through our baby shower and be able to sit at the AFL Grand Final, both fairly important events!

From there, Miranda managed the entire process of consulting with my obstetrician, helping him order an MRI, ensuring the MRI was reviewed by the best in the business, providing clinical notes for the neurosurgeon and keeping me informed and progressing towards regaining feeling and movement through my left leg.

The diagnosis was what Miranda had first thought, with a rather significant disc extrusion compressing the S1 nerve root. The neurosurgeon I saw at 34 weeks was fairly surprised that I had no pain and was moving fairly well despite having no feeling in my left calf and foot.

I saw Fiona for the remainder of my pregnancy, attended Clinical Pilates classes with both Miranda and Fi, and completed a home exercise program that included hydro. It was really important for my mental health to keep moving and feel like my body could manage to function and I am amazed at the strength and mobility that I regained prior to the required c-section birth of my daughter.

Fi provided great notes for my follow up neurosurgeon visit at 5 weeks post partum, and I’m so pleased that I won’t need surgery. The neurosurgeon still can’t believe that my clinical symptoms didn’t match the nature of the scan, and I am convinced that’s due to Miranda and Fi. I returned to clinical pilates with Fi at 10 weeks post partum, with some clear areas of weakness, but some huge increases in strength, mobility and with almost full feeling back in my left foot.

Despite Pilates and the ongoing home exercise program providing some harsh reminders for my abs and glutes, I love the challenge and the accomplishment of feeling a little bit stronger every week. I’m still pain free, and am so grateful that my husband’s googling skills found me a fabulous team of new Physios!


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