EOS Full Body Imaging – What Is It?

The shoulder is an amazing joint which moves through great ranges of motion that allows us to swim, throw a ball, reach for a high shelf, drive and many other activities. It is a vital to have functioning shoulder to achieve daily activities.

Restore Function Physiotherapy Team

Restore Function Physiotherapy Team

What Is EOS Imaging?

EOS imaging is a new form of clinical imaging now available. The EOS X-Ray machine is based on a Nobel prize winning invention in physics in the particle detection field. It can perform a simultaneous capture of biplane X-Ray images by scanning the full body in a standing weight-bearing position using very low radiation doses.


How Does it Work and Why is it Great?

The simultaneous pictures taken from the front and side combine to reconstruct a 3D model. This allows for accurate measurement of the spine, vertebrae, lower limb lengths, pelvic angles, and any other required skeletal parameters can be measured and calculated. The reconstructed 3D models also allow a model from top view to be created which can assist in analysing conditions of the skeleton and spinal deformities such as scoliosis.

Twenty seconds is how long the full body EOS scan takes for a full body scan. The single scan saves time as radiographers are not required to take multiple exposures and stitch together images to create a full representation of the person. 

The measurements and calculations of rotation and torsion of the spine and lower limbs, spinal curves, scoliosis deformities, lengths and angles of lower limbs taken automatically from the image. This is very important for diagnosis and management of various skeletal conditions and particularly beneficial for orthopaedic surgery.


What Are The Benefits of EOS vs A Regular X-Ray?

EOS Imaging uses a new X-Ray detection method significantly reduces radiation exposure while improving the quality of captured X-Ray images. It has enabled the radiographers to capture images with higher quality than traditional X-Ray images. Furthermore, the final 3D reconstructed image is as accurate as a CT reconstruction while using 800-1000times less radiation than a typical CT scan needed for a 3D image. High exposure to radiation has negative health affects over the long term, so low radiation dose by EOS is a great advantage, particularly in the paediatric population.

EOS imaging has advanced the radiography world and allows clinicians to have access to full body weight-bearing high quality images with accurate measurements. While exposing the patient to significantly lower radiation doses and scanning times. This imaging system will be widely used in orthopaedic surgeries and physiotherapy to improve patient management and outcome.

The EOS imaging is now available across limited locations in Queensland and can be bulk billed with little or no out of pocket fee by certain allied health professionals (Physiotherapist being one of them).

How Will Restore Function Physio Use This?

Here at Restore, we will be using it for postural assessments (eg leg length discrepancies, pelvic angles and rotation, spinal lordosis and kyphosis) as well as scoliosis and other musculoskeletal conditions, so that we can provide the best management for you.

How Can I Arrange One?

Our team can arrange a bulk billed EOS at Coorparoo or Bowen Hills Queensland X-Ray


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