Helpful tips from our Physio’s
about injury prevention, returning to sport after surgery, women’s health and plenty more!

Gym Q&A with a Physiotherapist

Should I stretch before the gym? How do I squat without knee pain? One of our Senior Physiotherapists, Fiona answers the most common questions we receive about preparing for your next workout.

Squat Anatomy

The squat is a fundamental human movement observable in nearly every aspect of human life. It is also a common exercise used in rehabilitation, general fitness training, and to improve performance in elite athletes.

Running Injuries

Most running injuries occurs due to overuse rather than trauma. Three factors that are normally associated with running injuries are Training error, Biomechanics, ad Equipment or environmental factors.

Pole Walking

Activator Poles are a specially designed walking pole used by physiotherapists in the rehabilitation of many conditions including: before and after hip and knee surgery; stroke; Parkinson’s disease; and for balance, stability and mobility issues.

Returning to Sport

It is important to acknowledge that keeping active during lockdown by running, cycling or whatever it may be does not ensure readiness to return to sport. Upon returning to competitive sport, training load management will need to be carefully considered.

Clinical Pilates: What is it?

Pilates improves strength, flexibility and movement control.  However, there are differences between how Pilates is taught in gyms and a Physio Clinic.

Foam Rolling

The foam roller is a fantastic piece of equipment to have in your exercise toolbox. It can be used for muscle self-massage, spinal mobility exercises, and stretching.


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