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Gym Q&A with a Physiotherapist

Should I stretch before the gym? How do I squat without knee pain? One of our Senior Physiotherapists, Fiona answers the most common questions we receive about preparing for your next workout.

Coccyx (Tail Bone) Pain

Coccyx (tail bone) pain can be very debilitating. The pain is usually localised to the area directly over the coccyx and is most often noticed when sitting, particularly on a hard surface. Some people also experience pain with getting up after sitting, and when opening their bowels.

The Netball KNEE Program

The Netball KNEE program is an on-court warmup designed by Netball Australia to reduce the risk of ACL and other lower limb injuries occurring by enhancing movement efficiency during take-off and landing from a jump, deceleration and change of direction.

Lumify Ultrasound

Lumify ultrasound machine is a great new addition to Restore Function Physiotherapy that will help us to improve assessment, diagnosis and management of your musculoskeletal injuries.

What is Thermoplastic Splinting?

Thermoplastic splinting material is used when fabricating custom made splints. The splints can be made during a consultation with your Physiotherapist and may be remoulded to allow for reduction in swelling, maximise comfort or when range of motion improves.

Joint Hypermobility and Lower Limb Injury

Joint hypermobility is the ability of a joint to move beyond its “normal” range of motion (ROM), typically due to reduced stiffness of anatomical joint structures such as the joint capsule, tendons, and/or ligaments.

Running Injuries

Most running injuries occurs due to overuse rather than trauma. Three factors that are normally associated with running injuries are Training error, Biomechanics, ad Equipment or environmental factors.


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