Helpful tips from our Physio’s
about injury prevention, returning to sport after surgery, women’s health and plenty more!

The Netball KNEE Program

The Netball KNEE program is an on-court warmup designed by Netball Australia to reduce the risk of ACL and other lower limb injuries occurring by enhancing movement efficiency during take-off and landing from a jump, deceleration and change of direction.

Joint Hypermobility and Lower Limb Injury

Joint hypermobility is the ability of a joint to move beyond its “normal” range of motion (ROM), typically due to reduced stiffness of anatomical joint structures such as the joint capsule, tendons, and/or ligaments.

Returning to Sport

It is important to acknowledge that keeping active during lockdown by running, cycling or whatever it may be does not ensure readiness to return to sport. Upon returning to competitive sport, training load management will need to be carefully considered.

What happens when I stop training?

Studies have shown that detraining effects tend to start after 2-3 weeks of inactivity and can affect endurance, strength and power.

Common Running Injuries

Whether you run marathons, participate in triathlons or just run for fitness, running injuries frequently occur and can get in the way of you achieving your goals.

Emergency Care in AFL

Make time to practice and role play scenarios with your medical team. It is important staff roles are clear and communication is clearer.


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